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Zachary Wright

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Regarding our founding personality of the Wakefield Chronicles:
Elise wrote: Our main character, the HoNY-esque ambassador for the UN, as well as the effects this suddenly-appearing country has on the rest of the world, and other events that seem coincident with its appearance. I'll follow up with another post about the country itself, giving a better idea of the context for stories set within its boundaries.

The guy's name is Zachary Wright, born 1986. Learned greek and latin in high school, studied linguistics and history in college, picked up French, German, and Spanish. Did an ambassador's program for the UN after college, learned Russian and picked up conversational abilities in a slew of other slavic languages. Became well known for his blog around this time, when he documented his interactions with everyday people living in Russia and eastern Europe. At that point he started living out of Bucharest and stayed there for a while until the country appeared, at which point he was asked to be the ambassador in lieu of military and reporters.

Zach Wright, when interviewed, will maintain a high degree of skepticism about such events. He's a realist, and despite the supernatural-seeming occurrences he experiences, he doggedly maintains a skeptic's viewpoint and assumes that a perfectly rational/scientific explanation is at the root of all this. It isn't until the very end that he starts to crack in this regard, and at that point he is already displaying signs of a psychotic break, so his opinions and observations are regarded with skepticism by his former colleagues and (probably) many of his more intellectual online followers.

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