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General Political Reactions

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:03 pm

While we're still lacking some specifics, a good friend of mine who just got his master's in international studies laid out some of the political realities of a new nation appearing in the midst of eastern europe for us:
Logan wrote:More information would always be better... but as long as we know it is in central/eastern europe, that is enough to say a lot already.  Key actors will definitely be EU, NATO, and Russia.  
Getting a little more detail could set up some other interesting historical resentments to reference or other geo-political quirks which would add color.

What I'm curious about is if the geography has somehow changed, or if the country has appeared by taking chunks out of other states.

What could be interesting is if it is sandwiched along a border, for example Poland/Belarus/Ukraine.
Then confusion and recriminations would immediately ensue.  Some people would immediately start howling that it is a Russian ploy to slice off territory from somebody, set up a client state.  Russia would try to be coy and make it appear that way, even if it wasn't.  You would have Russia and NATO trying to covertly assess what it is and what its capabilities are, whether the other side is responsible for it.

The EU would respond slowly and confusedly, attempt its characteristic holier than thou diplomacy and outreach, probably get rebuffed and have no idea how to respond, while its nearby member states would be freaking out.

It would be even better if the new state would somehow alter the energy geo-politics of eastern europe (if new resources, or affect how the pipelines run somehow), because you would have the other dynamic of wealthier states like Germany tripping over themselves to get some kind of commercial advantage.  And of course Russia would freak.

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