Nathan Bacchus

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Nathan Bacchus

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:52 pm

Tumblr Handle: LostDemigogue
Nathanial Lee Bacchus
5'10' 164lb
Brown eyes, sandy brown hair

Tech dilettante, Nate likes to poke around in places he shouldn't necessarily be.   I want to start him off heavily invested in a related scene... maybe one of the offshoots of DNB music.  It should be fun to research and give him a steady stream of content to repost.

Nate's intended to feed a realistic drip of content and occasionally reference the stranger things in the news.  Ideally I'd like to get an old account or two, preferably closed down awhile ago that he can claim as his own, so if anyone can help with that I'd appreciate it.  I especially like deviantart.  It's a platform people are moving away from, doesn't provide easy access to posting dates and gives you a neat little artifact image when you put things in storage.  Plus it's slowly dying to tumblr. If nobody has an old account lying around they don't mind handing over, I could make some "old" art for Nate and throw a bunch more in storage.

If that "found" horror story I had lying around works in this setting I'm planning to have him find about a weird ass corperate mail server some guys on a Tor accessible imageboard found looting around the darknet. The network protocols seemed to indicate the thing was in some closed 70's era soviet facility, but the emails it was handling seemed to belong to a US(?) company. And the emails on it... let's just say he's posting them as the messageboard dumps the incoming mail.

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Re: Nathan Bacchus

Post by LostDemagogue on Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:03 am

You're a jerk


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