Current List: Phase I and beyond

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Current List: Phase I and beyond

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:18 am

Supernatural Events List:

elise wrote:people start disappearing, first here and there, but then at an ever-increasing rate. Of course, this is seen as nothing new, to begin with, but their disappearance is eventually correlated with the appearance of the following:

a new variety of wildflower is simultaneously discovered in three locations: Near Seattle Washington; along the banks of the Yanghtze outside of Nanjing; and on the cliffs of Patagonia along the Strait of Magellan. (small, white, six-petaled, grows in small clusters, doesn't smell like anything).

As time wears on, the flower starts cropping up in other places in the world as well, doesn't seem to ever go to seed, and doesn't ever seem to die.

people near the new country in eastern europe start having a higher rate than usual of night terrors, nightmares, and insomnia; many of the nightmares involve an old woman (think a baba yaga character, or a hansel and gretel old woman character) planting seeds in a rather weedy garden outside a tired little cottage.

children claim to see a large lumbering shadow pacing along the military lines at the edge of the country if they stay out til dusk. As time wears on, the lumbering shadow is also sighted in other areas; seems to be attracted to the flowers, at which point people might react in many different ways: luring the shadow and trying to capture pictures, interact with it, or trap it; burning or picking or herbiciding the flowers to keep it away; trying to plant the flowers elsewhere to see what it'll do; however, the shadow does not seem to notice people, and does not seem to be able to physically interact with anything other than the flowers.

obviously, despite the military's presence and the barricades, people still manage to get into the country. Very few of these sneaks fail to return home afterward, and bring their own stories back about what it's like in the country (this is a HUGE opportunity for any fictitious stories people had in mind: i.e. Patrick Mares's idea of the abandoned building?), what they discover, etc; also, smugglers getting in and out to start up an “exotic items/relics trade” online or at places like the Grand Bazaar; also people advertising (scamming?) sneak-tours/excursions into the country for hefty sums (could see this getting big with the elite, with celebrities, etc) and the political/societal/militial repercussions of such efforts

This is not a sudden explosion of supernatural activity around the world, although it would naturally lead to an explosion of people squawking about supernatural events near their homes, because it's such a hot topic (and who doesn't want their two minutes of fame?). So by all means, if you want to start tossing “non-fictitious” stories out there about werewolves or UFOs or the Loch Ness monster or ghost sightings, by all means feel free.

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